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Highly acclaimed all over the world, this course is the best navigation course for beginners or skippers with some experience of navigation, all of whom want to improve.

It covers much more than just navigation and it's ideal for anyone who cruises within 50 miles of the coast and who's in port each night, whether for work or pleasure.
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Electronic Navigation has become a very real tool in the modern navigator's and skipper's toolbox.
From Raster to Vector charts this course will teach you the techniques, the pitfalls and limitations of the plotter.

The RYA developed its unique PC Chartplotter which all of our navigation students receive in your course packs along with paper training charts, exercises and textbooks.

It runs the course charts and as well as allowing you to do your work on a computer, your instructor can live-demo material on the screen.

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Our 'Safety Night' has always been a popular standalone night, with students from other courses sitting in, to learn about coping with everything from medical emergencies to man-overboard, fires to abandonment.

A large part of the course deals with prevention but we also look at how to summon assistance and what to expect when it arrives - our instructors have been on both sides of this fence for over 50 years combined, through their work with the RNLI and other bodies.

Prevention is better than cure but it's important to also know what to do if it does go wrong!

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We'll teach you conventional traditional navigation using paper charts and electronic methods including GPS and chartplotters.

Learn to plan a voyage from start to end, gathering information from the many recognised and essential sources including almanacs, pilots and guides.

Weather and Tidal data form crucial parts of any good plan and you'll learn about where to get the best information and how to interpret it properly. isn't just a nice-to-do, It's the LAW since SOLAS V regulations came into force in July 2002.

In addition to navigation you'll learn about
- Weather - sources, synoptic charts, terms & meanings
- Tides - standard ports, tidal curves, springs & neaps
- Safety Equipment - liferafts, EPIRPs, SARTs, flares
- Seamanship - ropes, knots and splices

We'll also cover
- Mooring
- Anchoring
- Berthing stern-to and Lazy Lines (for anyone planning a trip in the Med)

You'll receive an RYA Student Pack on the first day of your course containing your training charts, course notes textbook, exercise book and we'll give you a Breton plotter, dividers, training almanac and the new digital Electronic Training Chartplotter.

You need to bring a notebook and biro, some 2B pencils, eraser and sharpener.

The course takes 40 hrs including 2 exams and we deliver it over 18 nights or intensively over 5 days.

As well as attending a minimum number of classes you'll have 2 short exams at the end of the course.
One is on Chartwork and the other is the General Assessment of other theory covered throughout.

Don't take our word for it - Many past students have often remarked afterwards on how comprehensive and thorough this course is and that anyone stepping foot near a boat simply SHOULD take this course. Come On - See for Yourself!
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What to Bring
Starts Tuesday 10th October '17
7:30 - 10:15pm
Sail Aweigh,
Biro, Notebook, 2B Pencils (2), Eraser, Sharpener
We'll run for 18 nights over the winter with a break from early December to early January.
Course will end in early March. We'll have light refreshments each night - tea, coffee, biscuits etc.
Don't forget we're there on Sunday afternoons to help you out or revise if reqd and at no extra charge.

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