Ways to Pay
Ways to Pay
There are many convenient ways to pay us.
We have online direct payment facilities which are the easiest and quickest for all but €asyPay is our Standing Order-based way to make your trip more affordable and manageable...

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Cheques can be made payable to Sail Aweigh

Please Post to 26, Copperalley Close, Youghal
...just a click...

Click on the

button on any page to pay us online using your PayPal account or Credit/Debit Card.
When completed you'll be redirected to an acknowledgement page.
Dream of having the sailing holiday of a lifetime EVERY year but want to make it affordable?
€asyPay is our easy way for you to guarantee it.
How €asyPay works:
It's simple really...

1. Just choose your cruise and get in touch with us.
2. We'll total it up with you and agree a number of monthly payments.
3. Off to your bank to setup a Standing Order to our bank account.
4. Grab your passport and come sailing with Sail Aweigh!

We don't charge any extras for this facility though you may incur bank charges.
The amount paid monthly must be sufficient to cover at least 60% of the total cost of the trip by departure date.
Keep it rolling over to simply book your cruise early each year - this gets you the trip at any earlybird discounted price and allows you to book flights early and cheaply too.
Bank / Electronic Fund Transfer

Bank Of Ireland, North Main St, Youghal
A/C Name: Sail Aweigh
IBAN: IE14 BOFI 9029 6060 2297 12
Cards Accepted in person